Hello there!

A warm welcome to our blog.

We are Elizabeth and Alexander a twenty – something, newly married couple.

We are based in the Midlands. We met at university in 2012, we got engaged in August, 2015 and got married in April 2017. While planning our wedding we read so many amazing tips and tricks online and we want to share our own tips and advice on all things wedding, marriage and life in general

Being Mrs Clifford is a blog about absolutely everything. We write about the things that inspire us in the hope that they may inspire you too!

I put this blog together while being uninspired, unmotivated and pretty miserable – sat in our university library. This blog was previously named Elizajamesx.com but since getting married we decided that our lives had changed dramatically and this warranted a new blog name, look and feel. Also, Alexander decided that he would love to jump on the blog and share his views and interests too!

Why read Being Mrs Clifford?

Like many other twenty something year olds we are learning all things “adult”, this blog is for anyone who is in the process of growing up, searching for the next best thing and is willing to learn some life lessons along the way.