Clifford’s crib

As we are nearing the house hunt stage of our lives we are thinking more and more about the way we would like to style our home.

We have always been creative souls and I personally love looking at home décor and watching videos on ways to put your own stamp on your home so this process is very exciting for both of us.

As we are building up ideas, I thought I would share a few of those with you here –


I absolutely adore copper accents within a kitchen, this style is very in right now too. I think copper works well with crisp white walls / tiles. I also think adding little touches of black really create a stylised, modern look.

Like the images, shown below, I love having lots of little trinkets dotted around on shelves and worktops. I think this adds to the personality of the room. We would use the idea of adding cook books and art/décor on shelves to add our own personalities into the space.

untitled (9)

untitled (7)

untitled (4)


For the lounge we love grey with mustard yellow accents. I also love the idea of adding in other muted colours like the images below – adding in dark rich purples, black tones and cool blues. Again, like the kitchen, we aim to add as much of our selves into this room. The lounge is where we will predominantly be spending our time so it is very important for us to put our mark on it.

untitled (12)

untitled (11)

untitled (10)


For the bathroom we are thinking of going for white décor but introducing new colours such as dotting plants around and using bathroom accessories to lift the room. I love how the images below show lots of storage ideas which is what Alex and I need. The wooden ladders within a bathroom have always been a favourite of mine.

untitled (13)

untitled (15)

untitled (16)


We would love for our bedroom to be quite minimalized by using lots of storage like shelves. I love the idea of the trolly on wheels to store things like make up, skincare or even books. We think that this room should be the least busy in decoration as it needs to be somewhere calming for us to relax after work. We are really hoping to get a decent sized bedroom as we would really benefit from having an office corner much like the image bellow. Pink and blue tones for the bedroom offer an extra element of calm.

untitled (17)

untitled (18)

untitled (19)

untitled (20)

At this point we are unaware of the amount of space we will have so these are just general styling ideas.

We get all of our ideas from Pinterest, which is a serious addiction! We cannot wait to get into our own house and start making it into our little home.

What home décor trends are you loving at the moment?

Elizabeth x



Breakfast at The BREWery – Sileby

This morning on a very rare and exciting day off together, Eliza and I decide to indulge in a bit of Breakfast at a lovely little café called The BREWery situated in Sileby, Leicestershire.


The BREWery is a family owned business and has a truly rustic and homely feel to it, with a vintage like interior and various weathered wooden shelves lining the first wall, full of various teas, cakes, and cutlery. Behind the wooden counter there is splendid arrays of chalkboard menu’s all with delicately hand-written food choices. As it was breakfast we decided to go all out- both requesting the beloved Eggs Benedict.

Eliza went neutral with her choice of drink and chose a green tea, while I went for the more extravagant and novel a banana milkshake, complete with a flurry of marshmallows, cream, and chocolate shavings.


We sat down on quite a traditionally set table, with vintage style seats. All around us there were solid armchairs or high stools and wooden crates fashioned into makeshift tables.

Our favourite thing in the café was the sign written in scrabble letters which read: “There’s no WIFI in here so you’ll have to talk”, Yes! Conversation is the best! No to being anti-social, which would be ironic if you’re in a café with someone reading this blog.


Now, on to the Benedict, Egg-xactly what I needed! When breakfast hits, you want an equally delicious, equally uplifting dish – trust me the BREWery’s egg’s benny is the one for you. The eggs sit proudly on top: flavoursome. The yolk drips down (not too runny!) The streaky “Stars and Stripes” style bacon has a nice tender touch. The muffin wasn’t soggy with a hint of crispiness and the chives were a high five on top! Oh, and the hollandaise sauce? Need I say more? Gorgeous.


But what really made it for me was the company. It isn’t often I get the chance to sit down with my beloved wife on a laid-back Saturday and tuck into some truly awesome breakfast. I’m usually pumping away at the Lady Astoria coffee machines, serving Mocha Italia, and watching weekenders enjoy their breakfast. So, thank you for the welcome and the good company The BREWery! We will be visiting again soon.


If you are ever in the neighbourhood we would highly recommend you give The BREWery a visit. The vibe is chilled, the food delicious and the staff are welcoming and friendly. Why not give The BREWery’s website a look?

Five stars from us!