My week in images

Recently I have been trying to be more present on social media, this may be due to the fact that I treated myself to a new phone and unlike my old phone I can actually have various apps without the phone shouting at me for having 0 space available or constantly remind me that my phone needs an upgrade yet my device is too old for an upgrade, anyway, I digress.

One of the Apps I have been using a lot is Instagram. I love being able to document my day to day life, share images with friends & family and keep up to date with what everyone is up to.

Here is what I have been up to, told through my Instagram posts from this week…

IMG_04901. We have a bag full of our Honeymoon souvenirs and I finally got around to fixing this onto my keys this week. If you are a Simpsons fan, like me, you will know the story behind this Bort key ring. We bought this from Universal Studios Orlando in the Krustyland section.


2. I weigh in at my local Slimming World group every Wednesday evening, this week I was rewarded another certificate and I felt incredibly proud of everything I have achieved while on my Slimming World journey.


3. What I ate on Wednesday evening. The weather was hot, hot, hot at the start of this week so I decided to go for a jacket potato with lots of salad and speed food.


4. My handsome date for the evening. Alex and I decided to have some “us” time and go for a meal at Cosy Club in Leicester city centre. This was Alex’s first time eating here and my second. I was really impressed the first time I came so wanted Alex to experience it.


5. Chicken bang bang salad from Cosy Club, this meal was immense! So delicious and tasted really healthy too.


6. Alex and I were the only ones in the whole restaurant, this sometimes puts me off eating somewhere if there is no one else around – I think sometimes it kills the atmosphere but because Cosy Club has so many interesting things to look at and a quirky feel to the place it made it more chilled for us.


7. After our meal we headed to The Curve theatre. While I waited for Alex to have his costume fitting I spent some time relaxing in the foyer. While waiting I could hear parts of the production of TRAINSPOTTING, it sounded amazing!


8. What I ate on Friday, Slow cooked beef curry and lots of speed food – absolutely delicious!


9. Alex will be performing in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. This production is at The Curve Theatre in Leicester from 10th August – 20th August. I am so excited to go and have a magical evening at the theatre.


10. What I ate on Saturday – Sweet potato with homemade coleslaw, two mini homemade burgers and salad – lots of speed and very tasty.


11. This post was just a little appreciation to my Husband, the most amazing man I know. Alex is so driven, hard working and caring. Everything this man does makes me so proud.


12. The BEST SYN free treat. I love peanut butter but I have to SYN it so having this Muller light taste just like peanut butter and be free?! how can you go wrong with that?


13. Finally a little selfie with my curly hair on Saturday. I love this hairstyle but it does take me forever to do.

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