Our wedding day

It’s surprising to think that our wedding was nearly two months ago – It feels like it was yesterday but it just shows that time does moves incredibly quickly. I can honestly say that our wedding day was the most special and happy day of my whole life but there were many things I wish that I had known before hand and things that I learnt along the way that I wanted to share with you.

Planning a wedding is fun, it’s also quite stressful, confusing, time consuming and expensive. I think planning is so important and a massive reason Alex and I had little to no stress on the days leading up to the wedding and wedding day itself. At the very start of wedding planning, Alex and I sat down with a notepad and pen and fleshed ideas out – what theme would we have? colour schemes? Who would be the Bridesmaids? Etc… And although most our plans worked I wish, with certain ideas, we spent more time thinking them through because not all ideas worked out the way we wanted them to.


The same way that certain plans don’t work out is that certain people don’t work out – It was hard to come to terms with but some people just let us down when we genuinely thought that they would be there for us. While planning our wedding we began to see people’s true colours and when you think you know someone this can come as a shock. As well as this we were shocked with how many opinions people had about absolutely everything to do with the wedding, my biggest advice is to remember that it is yours and your partner’s day and the decisions are ultimately yours to decide together.
I shocked myself with just how calm I was throughout the day, I had weeks of worrying about me being a crying mess and not being able to get my words out but when it came to the day I was so calm and collected, I got emotional but wasn’t hysterical like I had thought. It’s easier said than done but I wish I would have relaxed more in the weeks running up to the wedding and not had panicked about me because I did great.


Everyone said to me “Your wedding day will go so fast so enjoy it” they were right! The day literally flew by and before we knew it the music had stopped and it was time for everyone to leave. Savour absolutely every second of your day and don’t be sad if you forget little bits because the most fun part is hearing the day re told by various guest’s perspectives.


I think a lot of people get so wrapped up in the wedding DAY that they forget about the marriage afterwards that is going to last forever. Both of our lives have changed already and the way we view one another and our relationship has changed too. When we both started back at work after we came back from our honeymoon we had a lot of “It’s all over now, back to reality” but to me I feel like yes, the wedding day may have gone but that was just the first step towards the life long marriage.

17884475_10212770280397683_3405936567426036824_n (2)

The best thing about being married is how my feelings have changed for my husband (it’s so weird saying that). I look at Alex now and see a life together, a future of years and years and the start of our family.


mrs clifford


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