Debenhams fashion show

It was another amazing event held at Debenhams Leicester. The personal shoppers put together this fashion show in aid of Loros and Coping with cancer. The theme for the show was Beach wear, very fitting for this beautiful weather we are experiencing and this being holiday season. I love photographing the fashion show and seeing the styles come to life on each model. Our Debenhams fashion shows are always a massive hit with a brilliant turn out, here are some images from this event… Advertisements Continue reading Debenhams fashion show

My week in images

Recently I have been trying to be more present on social media, this may be due to the fact that I treated myself to a new phone and unlike my old phone I can actually have various apps without the phone shouting at me for having 0 space available or constantly remind me that my phone needs an upgrade yet my device is too old for an upgrade, anyway, I digress. One of the Apps I have been using a lot is Instagram. I love being able to document my day to day life, share images with friends & family and … Continue reading My week in images

Disney World Photopass pictures

Honeymoon blues have well and truly hit! I think about Florida every single day and wish I was back there, head to toe in Disney magic, eating ALL the junk food and scaring the crap out of myself on thrill rides. Alas, I am back in the UK and have been now for over a month. I have been looking through our Photo pass pictures and thought I would spread some magic by sharing them here… Just as a minor disclosure – I would LOVE to be able to do a review of the Photo pass service but ours came … Continue reading Disney World Photopass pictures